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Operator Mentoring Program

Sunday, November 13th | 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Back by popular demand! Ever wish you could pick the brain a successful and forward-thinking CEO? Good news: You can during this highly interactive session! Each group conversation is led by a mentor—an expert industry veteran who has the chops and know-how to advise and inspire—but the topics are driven by you and your fellow group members. You can ask questions, get advice, and swap ideas and tips with the mentor as well as your group. This is one of the most important events you can join if developing and strengthening your operation for the long haul are key parts of your big-picture plan. One of the core missions of any CD/NLA event is the exchange of knowledge, so who better to learn from than your peers?

Register early for your best chance at picking your preferred mentors, but note that the roster of mentors may be subject to change. In the event that your group or full or your mentor is unable to attend, you will be accommodated and welcomed into another group.

Operator Mentoring Registration Is Now Closed!

Meet the 2022 Mentors

  • Robert Alexander, CEO of RMA Worldwide
  • Brett Barenholtz, CEO of Boston Car Service/Above All Transportation
  • Carla Boccio, Owner of Buffalo Limousine
  • Kristina Bouweiri, Owner of Reston Limousine
  • Maurice Brewster, President/Founder of Mosaic Global Transportation
  • Eric Devlin, President of Premier Transportation
  • Sean Duval, President and CEO of Golden Limousine International
  • Athena Grimm, Owner of BAC Transportation
  • Joe Gulino, President of GEM Limousine Worldwide
  • Tiffany Hinton, Chief Administrative Officer of MOTEV
  • George Jacobs, CEO of Windy City Limousine & Bus
  • Michele Miller, Vice President of Elite Coach Transportation
  • Christina Nguyen,Vice President of Concierge Limousine
  • Gus Ortis, CEO of Executive Transportation
  • Joe Reinhardt, CEO of Carolina Limousine
  • Roberto Rodriguez, President/CEO of First Class Destination Solutions
  • Douglas Schwartz, CEO and Chairman of Executive Ground Transportation
  • David Seelinger, CEO and Chairman of EmpireCLS Worldwide
  • Jason Sharenow, COO of Broadway Elite Worldwide
  • Rick Versace, CEO of A1A Global Ground


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